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WC Precious Shelter

Project Overview:

Trendway Marketing had the privilege of working with WC Precious Shelter, an organization dedicated to providing support and shelter to women and children affected by domestic violence. Our primary goal was to revamp their website, ensuring it effectively communicated their mission, and to drive impactful results through social media management.

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Website Redesign:

We initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of WC Precious Shelter's existing website. Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and goals, ensuring that the redesigned website would effectively convey their message of support and empowerment.

We implemented a modern and user-friendly design, utilizing calming colors and empathetic imagery to create a safe and welcoming online environment. The website's navigation was streamlined for easy access to vital information, including emergency contact details, services provided, and resources for victims of domestic violence. 

Social Media Management:

To amplify WC Precious Shelter's reach and engage with a wider audience, we implemented a comprehensive social media management strategy. Our team established a consistent brand voice and developed a content calendar to ensure regular and meaningful posts across multiple platforms.

We crafted compelling content, including survivor stories, awareness campaigns, and educational resources, to raise awareness about domestic violence and encourage support for the cause. We actively monitored and responded to comments and messages, creating a nurturing and supportive online community.

Through targeted advertising campaigns, we expanded WC Precious Shelter's reach and maximized their impact. We collaborated with influencers and partnered with relevant organizations to increase exposure and engagement. Additionally, we implemented analytics and tracking tools to monitor the performance of social media campaigns and optimize them for better results.













Amazing Results Achieved: The combined efforts of the website redesign and social media management yielded remarkable results for WC Precious Shelter. The redesigned website saw a significant increase in user engagement and donations. Visitors spent more time exploring the resources and sharing their stories, leading to a 40% increase in page views and a 50% decrease in bounce rate.

The social media management strategy drove substantial growth in WC Precious Shelter's online presence and engagement. Their social media following tripled within six months, and their posts consistently received high levels of interaction, including likes, comments, and shares. The reach and impact of their campaigns also expanded, with awareness about domestic violence spreading to new demographics and regions.

Additionally, the increased exposure and engagement on social media translated into tangible support for WC Precious Shelter. Donations and volunteer sign-ups surged, enabling the organization to provide additional resources and support to those affected by domestic violence.

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