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Increase Your Website Traffic

Web Designing &Development Company Toronto

With extensive experience in web design, we create visually striking and customized websites that drive higher brand engagement, improved conversions, and measurable results. Our approach combines expertise, technology, and creativity for optimal results

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Today's Modern websites are not just about creating content or seo rich pages about the business; now, the visitors need to understand what you are all about within the winks of landing on the webpage. Excellent website design is everything for your business. That's where we come in. At Digital Lilly, we don't develop a website, but we design a responsive website across all available devices that are faster and SEO friendly. With the latest technology, we create attractive websites to showcase your business culture and online sales.

Eye-catching designs for your website

The most effective approach to attract visitors to the website is user interface design, which will also enhance conversion rates. The UI design will urge the audience to stay on the website and have a closer look. Most visitors influenced by a good website will likely become your customer.

Trendway Marketing, located in Toronto, can help your business seamlessly with the best user interface and experience, With the unique bond of the latest design technology with user-friendly layouts to make the user's journey through the website effortless.


WordPress website development

Having 40% of the website market share, WordPress is the most used CMS for website development. It is all because WordPress is a simple, user-friendly content management software.

WordPress has several tools that simplify content management, including editing, streaming, etc.,., for all users.WordPress supports multiple plugins and third-party tools that can make it easy to a wide range of features to the website. It provides almost 1000 plugins to optimize websites for searches and more.


Digital Lilly has all the expert professionals skilled in WordPress theme development & customization. We will provide the best web development and web hosting support through WordPress.


Wix Websites

Wix is the platform to develop website design, with inbuilt designs and SEO marketing tools.

Build a quick, safe, and business-ready website that is SEO-friendly. Additionally, it offers several advantages, including an unbeatable infrastructure, cutting-edge features, scalability, integrated marketing, a unique domain and logo, AI technology, and many more.

The features that make Wix easier to use are accessibility and quick loading. Wix has inbuild security features that provide security to visitors' data at every level. And you don't have to rely on other third-party tools to know the website insights as Wix has its insight tools. Wix can be used by businesses, blogging, e-commerce, or even for portfolios.


Trendway Marketing offers outstanding end-to-end Wix solutions that you can select to build your dynamic and perfect website.


Mobile friendly website

Being responsive is a requirement for any modern website. Your users should always have a consistent experience regardless of their device because they are your top priority. It is now a preference to ensure that users can fully enjoy Responsive Website Design on mobile, tablet, and desktop if you want your business to have a digital presence. 


Digital Lilly being an experienced web designing company, create the website with users in mind and are mobile-friendly. We plan how the website will look on responsive devices and test it to ensure it works fine.


Creative Web Design Process

Our approach is highly effective and focused on achieving results, guiding your business towards success.

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Discover & Strategize

At Trendway Marketing, we believe that achieving our ultimate goal starts with discovering the path that leads to it. Our process begins with determining every detail about your business, which we use to construct a road to success. Our team follows a rigorous methodology and ensures that each step is executed with care. We conduct an in-depth exploration of our clients' businesses, including the reasons for creating the website, expectations, ultimate purpose, and target audience. It's crucial for us to understand your competitors, their websites, and your budget plan. These details about your business aid us in creating a superb strategy that guarantees the success of your business.

How to Increase Involvement

Through Your Website Design

Engaging Content

The quality of website content is crucial, not its quantity. The content must be compelling and effective to attract and engage visitors. Our Content Developers create unique and creative content that is tailored to your industry to boost your business. High-quality content can improve search engine rankings and increase website traffic. At Trendway Marketing , our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you market your business in the most effective ways possible.

Rich Media

It's easier to convince someone when you show them something rather than just telling them. Visual elements, such as pictures, videos, and infographics, in your content can be more effective in producing profitable results for your business. Customers are more likely to engage with visual content as it presents information in a more easily understandable way. Recent research suggests that visual content is more effective and beneficial for businesses. Additionally, visual content can be easily shared across various digital platforms. At our company, we are aware of the different types of media that can attract customers.

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Effectual Call-To-Actions 

To effectively increase business sales, a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button is essential. CTA buttons pique the user's interest and encourage them to take action, such as making a purchase, rather than abandoning their cart and leaving the website. Effective CTA buttons are clear and concise, convey a sense of urgency, are easy to click, properly sized for both desktop and mobile screens, and have a visually appealing color and placement. Our team of experts in specializes in creating visually appealing and engaging websites that boost business sales.

Educating Blogs

Blogging is an effective way to communicate directly with customers and share important information. It also helps to stay connected with potential customers. Blogging can persuade customers and generate discussion about your brand. It is an excellent way to increase website traffic and support social media efforts. In today's world, blogging is essential for establishing a strong brand. Our team of creative and skilled Content Writers can help your business succeed by creating engaging and appealing content. High-quality content can help build brand image and increase engagement.

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Integrating social media

Social media is essential for effective branding of your business in today's digital age. It is an excellent platform to promote your online business and increase customer engagement and conversion rates. The number of social media users has greatly increased worldwide, making it a crucial element of online business. Social media allows you to stay connected with customers, understand their needs, and improve your business. Our team of social media executives and marketing experts can help you develop a strong social media presence and provide an engaging user experience on major social channels.

Specific Design for Audience

In today's competitive market, it is essential to have a website design that appeals to your audience. Our design team prioritizes audience needs and preferences over personal methods. An effective website design effectively communicates your business image, vision, and ideas to online visitors. A well-designed website can showcase the strength of your brand, attract new customers, and improve business productivity. It also helps you stand out in a crowded market. We are a globally recognized and leading provider of the best website designs, We conduct research and meet the expectations of the target audience to create visually appealing and user-engaging website designs.

Mobile Optimization

With the advancements in technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage, making it crucial to have a mobile-responsive website for an optimal user experience. A business website is a primary tool for advertising and communicating information to users. A responsive website enhances user experience by providing consistent performance and functionality across all device screen sizes. Our web design team is dedicated to creating visually stunning and user-friendly designs that increase traffic and conversion rates, regardless of the screen size.

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Appropriate Functionality and Speed

If your website has poor loading speed, all other efforts to improve it will be in vain. Ensuring proper speed and functionality of your business website is crucial. Slow loading times increase the likelihood of users leaving your page. Therefore, it is important to create a website that is powerful and operates at a fast speed for optimal user experience. The user's experience is also important to Google, as it affects your search engine rankings. At Trendway Marketing, we design flawless, digitally innovative, and SEO-friendly websites using cutting-edge technology that maximizes user engagement and drives business growth.

Happy Customers

This was a no brainer for my company, Maram was easy to work with and captured my business perfectly in the website. They took what I already had and created something completely new and exciting. Definitely recommend Trendway Marketing.

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With all the experienced web deb development services, we can develop web applications and websites that are visually appealing with the latest technology. Contact us today to learn more about the development of websites in various latest technologies.

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